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Meet Elana
Insurance Expert

Hokin Family Session-143.jpg

You could say that insurance has been in Elana’s blood since she was born, or at least it has been sinking in since then! Sheri got her insurance licenses while pregnant with Elana so all that studying may have been sinking in! 


It took a few years and various paths to bring Elana into the family business.  She is now a fully licensed insurance broker. Her previous life of marketing & digital production has helped a lot and made her the IT & designer here at Hokin Services. 


Elana is married to Tom and has 3 children with the newest one born in June of 2022. They share the house with their black lab mix. She loves cooking, running & exercises. Someday she will have more time for hobbies, she hopes! 

She loves helping people and being able to assist people with their insurance needs. 


She has a Master’s degree in Visual Effects and spent over 10 years in the digital marketing & TV production industry in San Francisco & Chicago. During the global pandemic, Elana had the opportunity to reprioritize and become part of the family business. 

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