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Individual Health changes for 2023

For individuals or families, not on Medicare.

​The Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to be the only PPO in Illinois. Northwestern Medical is included in the PPO network.  NorthShore University Health System and Advocate System continue to only be available in the HMO networks. 

There are several new HMO options from other carriers that provide access to the Northshore University network and other medical providers.

We can also help you with Marketplace plans and see if you qualify for a subsidy.


Short Term Health & Travel Medical

When in between places in life or in between insurance plans and you need coverage, there are several short-term options available. 

They do not cover pre-existing conditions. They are coverage for “just in case” medical needs and they are priced accordingly (low).  Let us know your situation and we’ll get you quotes.


If traveling outside of your home country, we can help with short term coverage while abroad.

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