At Hokin Services, we offer a wide range of insurance including Individual Health, small group, dental, Medicare, long-term care, life. We can also assist in home & auto. 

Outside of Open Enrollment, you may qualify for a special enrollment period or a short term medical policy.

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Individual health



Long-term care & Life Insurance


We are always happy to connect to find the right fit for you and assist you in enrollment. Depending on your situation, we may need to charge a service fee. The individual insurance companies pay minimal or no commissions. 

If you are making a simple change to your plan there is no charge.

We look forward to being of assistance and am happy to share our expertise.

Please understand that beyond a 15 minute chat, we become a consultant and will have to charge a flat fee of $300 for non-clients.

As with most professionals, this is how we stay in business.

You can call or email us anytime or schedule an appt below.

Get the peace of mind of knowing you’re talking to a local agent who understands you, and can help you pick the health care coverage plan that best fits your needs and budget. Act now!

As your local, independent, authorized agent, I can help you: • With your questions as well as guide you through the enrollment process • Choose the health care plan that fits your needs and budget • Get the most out of your health care benefits Also, depending on your income and family size, you may qualify for financial assistance to help pay for your health care coverage.

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